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South Dumfries Area Parks







Arena  Park

(South Dumfries Community Centre grounds)

7 Gaukel Drive, St. George

8.8 acres

Ball diamonds, tennis courts, playground, skatepark

The South Dumfries Community Centre grounds are a hub of activity with softball, tennis, skateboarding and active play occurring here.

Centennial Park

363 Blue Lake Rd., St. George

2.0 acres

Picnic area

Located close to the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Museum, this picnic area is a peaceful location to park and have a picnic.

Elliot Field

218 HWY#5, St. George

5.0 acres

Soccer field, lily gardens

The St. George Lions Club developed this park for soccer players.  It features three mini fields and a large parking area.  The St. George Garden Club relocated the lily gardens to this property in 2012.

Glen Morris Ball Park

5 Brook St., Glen Morris

2.6 acres

Ball diamond, playground

This neighbourhood park services the residents on the north side of town.  There is plenty of space for a pick-up game of softball or soccer.

Harrisburg Ball Park

20 German School Rd., Harrisburg

4.8 acres

Ball diamond, playground

A new playground was installed in 2013 at this park.  The ball diamond is used by area leagues throughout the summer months.

Harrisburg Church Park

81 Harrisburg Rd., Harrisburg

.5 acres


A small playground is located at this site and the Harrisburg Cemetery is at the rear of the property.

Jacob's Woods Park

43 Hampton Ct, St. George

8.6 acres

Open space

A wooded area to hike on the nature trails.

King William Park

52 King William St., St. George

6.9 acres

Ball diamond, playground

This park features a large playground with a naturalized garden.  There is a ball diamond with parking at this park.  Canada Day fireworks are held here annually.

Snowball Park

10 Beverly St., St. George

1.3 acres

Open space

A beautiful little park  to stroll through with a small stream and bridges to relax by.

Sunny Hill Park

87 Sunnyside Dr., St. George

5.3 acres

Playground, multi-purpose court, splashpad and soccer field

A full-size, irrigated soccer field is available to local leagues at this park as well as a playground and multi-purpose court that is used for basketball, ball hockey and skating in the winter.

Wray and Marilyn Cline Park

26 Forbes St., Glen Morris

.5 acre

Canoe launch

A popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts to launch their, canoes, rafts, kayaks or paddleboards from.   Permits are required for commercial outfitters at this location. Access Point # 16 on the GRCA map.

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