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Paris Parks






Axton Park

57 Schuyler St., Paris

1 acre

Playground, multi-purpose court

A neighbourhood park close to homes.  A good space to play basketball or skate in the winter.

Bean Park

4 Spencer St., Paris

2.7 acres

Picnic area, boat launch

A great place to launch your canoe, kayak or drift boat for fishing in the Exceptional Waters on the Grand River. Launch open to the general public at no charge.  Access point #18 on the GRCA map.

Bemrose Park

86 Whitlaw Way, Paris

1.1 acres

Toboggan hill

Open space has a great view of the Paris Fairgrounds.  Good for tobogganing on one side.

Charlton Park

252 Grand River St. N., Paris

8.4 acres

Soccer field

A large open space with a full-size soccer field used for practices.

Cobblestone Common

27 Grand River St. N., Paris

.1 acre


A urban pocket park overlooking the forks of the majestic Grand and Nith Rivers.  Cobblestone deck, pergola and fountain are featured at the park.

Forest Drive Park

23 A Forest Drive., Paris

3.0 acres

Playground, multi-purpose court, soccer field, softball backstop

A neighbourhood park used for soccer games, pickup softball and basketball as well as creative play.

Garden of Hope

129 Grand River St. N., Paris

.2 acre

Floral garden

This garden was created in 2007 and honours  the courage of those who have been touched by cancer.

Gilston Park

126 Race St., Paris

.2 acre

Open space

Open space on Race Street.

Grandville Park

146 Grandville Circle, Paris

3.2 acres

Open space

Open space by the water retention pond next to Sacred Heart School.

Green Lane Sports Complex

8 Green Lane, Paris

30.7 acres

Softball and hardball diamonds, soccer fields, playground equipment, picnic shelter, washrooms, dog park

Premier sports field facility constructed on a rehabilitated Lafarge gravel pit.  Softball, baseball and soccer fields are used for leagues and tournaments.  A nearby picnic shelter and playground area complements the park.

Jury St. Park

18 Jury St., Paris

.2 acre


A neighbourhood parkette to serve local children.

Kings Ward Park

8 Broadway St., Paris

.9 acres

Open space

Bordered by Broadway St. East and West, this triangular park across from Paris Central School provides greenspace with mature trees. 

Lions Park
Web page


*Please note due to construction at the Park some areas will be fenced off - the playground, washrooms, picnic area and pool/splash pad will remain open during this time.

36 Laurel St., Paris

12 acres

Playground, ball diamonds, pool, splashpad, beach volleyball, walking trails, washroom, bandshell, mini soccer field, picnic shelter and picnic areas

Generations of families have enjoyed Lions Park since 1931.  Enjoy the playground, picnic areas and pool/splash pad as well as a stroll along the Nith River Trail that travels along the Nith River in Lions Park

Penman's Dam Park

116 Willow St., Paris

6.4 acres

Canoe launch, canoe portage, viewpoint of Penman's Dam

A wonderful view of Penman's Dam and the train bridge can be seen on the east bank of the Grand River.  This location is Access Point #17 for recreational river activities.   Permits are required for commercial outfitters at this location.

Paris Optimist Park

3 Catherine St., Paris

5.5 acres

Ball diamond, playground, multi-purpose court, soccer field

A great neighbourhood park that provides a large playground, sports fields and a multi-purpose court.  A popular place to fish on the Grand River.

Rest Acres Ridge Park

40 Long Lane, Paris

1.6 acres

Playground, multi-purpose court

A neighbourhood park that features a playground, swings and multi-purpose court.

Simply Grand Dog Park

(Membership required, proof of current vaccinations and municipal dog licence needed)  Please see the Membership Form for more details.





8 Green Lane, Paris

1 acre

Small and large dog area park

Located at the Green Lane Sports Complex, this member's only park features a small dog area and large dog area within the 2 acre fenced park in a natural setting.


Two Rivers Stadium

4 Elm St., Paris

2 acres

Ball diamond, skate park, playground

Paris Optimist Skatepark constructed in 2012 is a concrete skatepark and is well utilized.  A playground is also located next to the skatepark. The lit softball diamond is located behind Syl Apps Community Centre at this site.

Victoria Park


30 Churchill St., Paris

1.8 acres

Playground, ball diamond

A neighbourhood park that features a ball diamond and playground for area residents.

Willow Street Park


3 Brock St., Paris

.2 acres


A parkette that has a small playground to be enjoyed by children.

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