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Tour de Farm


County of Brant Agri-Tourism Committee proudly presents,

"Tour de Farm" County of Brant 2017

We invite you step out of the city and into  the country for a day!

Learn where your food comes from.
Discover the truths of Ontario farming and dispel the myths.

Put your hands, literally on the heartbeat of our food system and experience, 'up-close & personal' an authentic
Ontario Farming Operation.

Your tour of each of the farms will include learning, laughing,
tasting and more!


"Tour de Farm" County of Brant 2017 Event Details:

Date:  June 24th, 2017      Time: 10 am to 3 pm

  • Self Guided - Travel at your own pace and visit in the order that suits you! 

    (We will provide a suggested route but it's up to you if you want to use it or explore the gorgeous County of Brant countryside)
  • Four (4) FABULOUS County of Brant Farms will serve as your destinations.  
  • You just be prepared to be all 'Farmer-ed Up' by the time you're done - you may just decide you belong in the country!

  The farms on the 2017 Tour deFarm have ENORMOUS variety! 



                                 About the Farms...                                                   


Cash Crop Farm...literally meaning, the farmers earn cash by growing and selling the following crops!

  • Corn, Wheat & Beans...Beans are Big Business!
    Did you know there are over 1200 farmers growing 8 different kinds of beans in Ontario? 
  • Taste "real popcorn"... and learn what it takes to grow this tasty snack before it lands on the grocery store snack shelf!
  • This stop also highlights the machinery involved in growing cash crops...from cultivators to planters to combines, learn what machines are used when and how they work.


HOLSTEIN Farm...That's 'agri-speak' for dairy & dairy of course is where Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice Cream and much more of our food gets it's start!

    • Often referred to as a 'Robotic Dairy Milking Operation' this facility is as state-of-the-art a 'farm operation' as there is...see and learn how the latest technology not only increases milking efficiency but also assists in the care provided to the dairy herd.
  • A stop here will treat you to a couple of the more familiar products produced from Holstein operations, delicious milk & ice cream...enjoying milk and ice cream while visiting a dairy farm, it doesn't get any more authentic than that!


APPLE ORCHARD & CIDERY...16 types of apples, an array of apple products, fresh soft & hard cider & banquet facility - this is no ordinary apple orchard!

    • Learn how university educated millennials of this 8th generation family orchard are building a future in their family business of farming!
  • Taste freshly made donut and cider...everything you taste is grown, baked, squeezed or juiced right on the farm!
  • Learn why this orchard has a "bluebird box" will be amazed to learn the role bluebirds play on an orchard!
  • Be entertained by the inspiring live music of local county music artists during your visit!


BEEF AND WOODLOT FARM...Producing some of the finest beef in the province, this operation is also known for its' dedicated approach toward private forests known as 'Woodlots' and its' expertise in proper 'Soil Management'.

  • Learn what it means to be a 'Grade A' cut of beef!
  • Sample a beef slider made from the beef grown on this farm.
  • Understand the role 'Farm Woodlots' play in the forestry business.
  • Gain insight into 'Proper Soil Management'... learn how farmers are helping the environment everyday.


 Each Farm Stop on YOUR tour also includes:

  • An Interactive 'Agri-Ed for Non-Farmers' session.
  • An 'Ask The Farmer' Q&A Session...where there are no wrong or silly questions...just truthful - "you can take it to the bank" answers!
  • Additional Information packages and booklets.
  • Endless opportunities to learn and capture a sense of "Authentic Farming" in the County of Brant!


  Ticket Information:

    • Tickets are ON SALE NOW thru June 21st - ORDER YOURS TODAY by clicking here!
    • Ticket purchases are available online only (There are limited tickets available so be sure to get yours as soon as possible).
    • Cost:  $15 per person   or   $40 for a vehicle (max. of 5 persons/vehicle).
    • You will need to print your ticket purchase and present it to the first farm you visit on the tour where you will receive your passes for the remaining farms.

Follow "Tour de Farm" County of Brant 2017 on social media
as we post teasers about the tasty, locally produced food and drink tastings included in your tour, as well as the participating musical guests and agri-industry experts who will be there to answer any questions and share the excitement of farming in the County of Brant!

We are social   @branttourdefarm


Step Out of the City & Experience the Country for a Day!


"Tour de Farm" County of Brant 2017




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