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County of Brant OPP remind motorists "Don't veer for deer"

Posted on Tuesday November 14, 2017

(COUNTY OF BRANT, ON) - Every year, the County of Brant OPP responds to hundreds of collisions involving animals. The leading cause of animal related collisions in the County of Brant is predominantly deer.

The County of Brant OPP partnered with members of County of Brant Roads and Engineering depart ment and Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Insurance Bureau of Canada in 2015 and have identified the top locations that are leading in collisions. This was completed by using statistical analysis of collisions that have occurred throughout the County of Brant.

The signs with flashing amber lights have been installed in the higher risk areas with the goal of preventing further collisions from occurring. 

  • Rest Acres Road between Cedar Street to Powerline Road.
  • Highway # 5 - Burt Road to County Border
  • St George Road between German School Road to south village limit.
  • Puttown Road between Governors Road to King Edward Street
  • Brant Oxford Road between Governors Road East to Keg Lane
  • German School Road between East River Road to Brant Road
  • Pinehurst Road between West Dumfries to Drumbo Road
  • Blue Lake Road between East River Road to Brant Road
  • St George Road between Mclean School Road to Lockie Road
  • Governors Road East between St George Road to Bethel Church Road
  • Park Road North between Powerline Road to Governors Road
  • Pinehurst Road between Brant Waterloo Road to Drumbo
  • Paris Road between Powerline Road to Brantford City Limits.
  • East River Road -between Blue Lake Road to Scenic Drive

The motoring public will see these signs in all of the problematic areas with flashers that flash during the early morning hours and at night. If you see these signs while driving, it indicates a high area of populated deer, so drivers need to be prepared for the unexpected and be ready for the possibility of encountering wildlife on the roadway.

Deer-vehicle collision rates increase significantly 1.5 hours on either side of sunset and sunrise". Although there is often signage to warn motorists of higher deer-travelled areas, motorists need to be aware in all areas. Deer don't limit their activity on rural roads. The animals have been known to cross the busy roadways as well. 

"If you suddenly have a deer in your path, we encourage drivers to stay in control, reduce as much speed as possible, and whatever you do, steer straight. Don't veer for the deer. By changing your direction quickly, you increase the risk of losing control, running off the roadway and rolling your vehicle. This increases the likelihood of sustaining greater damage to your vehicle and serious injury." says Constable Ken Johnston, County of Brant OPP.

Some other helpful hints to ensure a safe journey during this time of year are as follows:

  • Look all around, not just straight ahead. Deer will often run across the road from  ;   ditches and protected areas such as stream corridors and woodlots.
  • Where you see one deer, expect more. Deer often travel in herds.
  • Slow down. The slower you go, the more time you have to react should you encounter a deer
  • Deer can move across roads at any time of the day or year but anticipate higher deer movements in the fall and around sunrise & sunset.
  • Watch for glowing eyes of deer at night
  • Don't veer for deer. Should a deer run into the path of your vehicle, reduce your speed quickly, steer straight and stay in control. 
  • Remove all distractions. Give yourself the best chance possible to see and predict where deer might go.
  • Buckle up. If you need to stop in a hurry, you want your body restrained

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