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County of Brant Cemetery Office
Located in the Margaret Graham Memorial Chapel at the Paris Cemetery
116 King Edward St.
Paris, ON N3L 3E3

image of Columbarium
A niche is a compartment for the permanent placement of cremated remains. An arrangement of niches is called a columbarium. The Grand is located at the Paris Cemetery.

Cemetery Feedback Form

Locations & Rates We are currently selling lots in the following County Cemeteries: Paris, St. George, Mt. Pleasant, Oakland, Scotland, Burford, Pioneer, Northfield, and Harley.

Please refer to the current fees and charges bylaw schedule for current rates.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Burial Sites of Loved Ones
The archives of the County of Brant Cemeteries are presently being computerized. To conduct a search, we require:

  • the name of the Cemetery
  • the full name of the person you are looking for, and
  • the date or approximate year of death.

Some of the records received for rural cemeteries are not complete; therefore, we may not be able to provide you with the information you request. Please call 519-442-3822 for information. The following resources will also assist you in your family history research:

  2. Brant County Genealogical Society at 519-753-4140
  3. The Paris Museum and Historical Society 519-442-9295
  4. The Burford Township Historical Society at 519-449-1792 (Clayton Barker)
  5. The County of Brant Public Library online historical collection and local history book collections at

You can place artificial or live flowers on the lots at any time and they can remain until they become unsightly, at which time Cemetery staff will remove them. We will hold the artificial flowers for 30 days, at which time if they are not picked up they will be disposed of.

Memorial Installments
The County of Brant Municipal Cemeteries offer the following extra special memorial options:

  • Memorial Trees
  • Memorial Park Benches

Installing a Marker or Foundation
The procedure to have a marker or foundation installed in all Brant County Cemeteries is as follows:

  1. Check with the Cemetery Office (519-442-3822) to see what is allowed on the lot or grave you own.
  2. Price the marker or monument with area monument dealers.
  3. Choose the marker or monument from the dealer.
  4. Pay the dealer for the monument. They will in turn pay the Cemetery for the foundation installation.

If you have any questions about Cemetery Services, the County of Brant Municipal Cemeteries office can be reached by telephone at 519-442-3822 or we can set up an appointment at the cemetery of your choice with a Cemetery Representative.

Complaints can be made by calling 519-442-3822. Please have the name of the Cemetery, the section and the lot number in order to facilitate the processing of your complaint in a timely fashion.

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