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Introduction to Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department manages, coordinates and delivers all core administrative and financial services for the County of Brant. The department’s objective is to serve its clients in a customer friendly manner that is helpful and in support of their individual and collective needs and to assist and support others in the delivery of high quality services that promote economic prosperity and an improved quality of life for the residents and businesses of the County of Brant. The Corporate Services Department is organized into the following six administrative units:

General Manager and Customer Service Offices
The General Manager is responsible for the overall management of activities, programs and services provided by Corporate Services. The General Manager’s office coordinates the consolidated grants process and has responsibility for liaison with the Police Services Board, coordination of multi-department projects and the development of corporate strategic plans.

The Customer Service Offices provide front line customer services as a convenience to the public to ensure that basic information and bill payment services are available at six different offices located throughout the County.

Clerk and Coordinator of Council/Committee Support Services
This unit is responsible for the provision of secretariat functions to the Mayor and Council including its standing committees, related sub-committees and boards. The Clerk is designated as a Division Registrar for births and deaths as well as an Issuer of Marriage Licenses and is responsible for conducting municipal elections. This unit has responsibility for management of Corporate Records and processing requests for information filed under the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act.

Property, Legal and Enforcement Services
This division is responsible for Animal Control and Livestock Claims, Business Licencing, By-Law Enforcement and Regulatory Services, Crossing Guards, Insurance, Lottery Licencing, County owned propery

Human Resources
Primary responsibilities of this unit are to coordinate the recruiting and hiring processes, benefits administration, training and development, coordination of occupational health and safety requirements and labour relations activities.

Information Services
This unit is responsible for management of corporate technological resources including computer hardware, software, internet, intranet, community network, telecommunications, electronic office equipment and the security of all operating systems in municipal departments.

This unit is responsible for internal and external revenue and accounting services including property tax policy, billing and collection. This unit provides corporate support services through the provision of payroll and benefits administration, banking and investment services, budget preparation and control, fund management, grant administration and related assistance to municipal departments.

Electronic Banking
In the past, the County of Brant has solely issued payments to our suppliers in the form of cheques. We are now giving you the option of receiving those payments by electronic deposit that will go directly into your bank account.
Email the Accounts Payable Clerk

Click here to download the Salary Disclosure document in an Acrobat Reader format. This document is made available as required by the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996.

Tax Information Overview
Tax Information | Tax Rates | Tax Due Dates | Methods of Payment | Penalties and Interest

Finance Overview

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GIS Services
The County of Brant Geographic Information System (GIS) has been established to govern, coordinate and implement integrated enterprise-wide geospatial technologies that will assist staff in doing their job more effectively and expediently while providing better and more comprehensive services to our customers.

The overall goal for GIS in general terms is to provide proactive support and assistance, in terms of both technology and staff, to acquire, convert, integrate, maintain, document, analyze, coordinate, and distribute geographic information for a variety of County needs.

The following are the 6 fundamental goals for GIS:
Goal #1 - Build and Maintain Reliable GIS Data: The County GIS initiative should focus on building and maintaining accurate, consistent, and reliable geographic data.
Goal #2 - Make GIS Data Accessible: The enterprise-wide GIS initiative should make data accessibility simple and easy for County departments and citizens.
Goal #3 - Integrate GIS Functionality with Existing Systems: The integration and interoperability of GIS with existing County business processes and systems is critical.
Goal #4 - Train, Educate and Inform County Staff: The County GIS initiative should improve the GIS knowledge base within County departments.
Goal #5 - Implement an Optimum GIS Governance Model: The County GIS plan should have a clear and understandable strategy for the management and effective utilization of GIS.
Goal #6 - Build and Maintain Enterprise IT Infrastructure: Implement infrastructure for an enterprise GIS initiative that will sustain growth and change.

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