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Fire Department

New Law Changes Smoke Alarm Requirements

County Brant Fire Department
61 Dundas Street East
Paris, Ontario N3L 3H1

Administration & InspectionsTel.:     519-442-4500
Toll Free: 1-866-847-5416

Paul Boissonneault, Fire Chief
( email)

Geoff Hayman, Deputy Fire Chief
( email)

Tom Waldschmidt, Fire Prevention/Inspection Officer
( email)

Jeff Balkwill, Fire Prevention/Inspection Officer
( email)

Mission Statement:
The County of Brant Fire Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life to our citizens by reducing the loss of life and property due to fires and emergencies in our community. We will accomplish our mission through comprehensive education, prevention, training, suppression activities and by providing effective, efficient and safe emergency aid and rescue services.

Vision Statement:
We are 1 Department, with 1 Mission, with Excellence as our Commitment to our Community.


What are the fees for inspection and to whom is the cheque made payable?
Contact the Fire Prevention Division to determine the fee applicable to the type of inspection you require or go to your local municipal building to fill out the appropriate form and pay the applicable fee. Addresses are as follows:

  • 61 Dundas Street East, Paris
  • 26 Park Avenue,Burford
  • 734 Highway #54, Onondaga
  • 66 Grand River St. N., Paris
  • 5 Main St. N., St. George
  • 3 King St. N., Oakland

Make the cheque payable to the County of Brant Fire Department. Once payment is received, an inspector will call to set up an inspection.

How do I go about getting an inspection required for my daycare licence, liquor licence and commercial/residential property sales transaction?
Send a request, in writing, to the County of Brant Fire Department, 61 Dundas Street East, Paris, Ontario N3L 3H1. Please enclose a cheque made payable to the County of Brant Fire Department in the amount indicated for the specific service requested. Once we receive your payment, an inspector will call to set up a time for the inspection.

We would like a tour of a fire station. Who looks after this?
Station tours are booked through the Fire Administration Office.

What is the recommended model of smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector to buy? My smoke alarm is beeping all the time, what do I do? Is the landlord required to supply a smoke alarm and/or batteries or is it my responsibility? Where should my smoke alarm they be located?
To inquire about smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, or other fire safety// matters, please call the Fire Prevention division. If an inspector is not available, your name and phone number will be recorded for a call back.

Fire Code Requirements: Do I need a second exit from my apartment? What types of locking devices are allowed? What kind of door do I need to purchase?
Please call the Fire Prevention division and ask to speak to an inspector.

Juvenile Fire Setters: My child has been playing with matches; what can I do about it?
Call TAPP-C (The Arson Prevention Program for Children) at (519) 752-0540 to request assistance in dealing with child fire setters.
Click here for the TAPP-C Annual Report

Is open air burning allowed in the County of Brant?

Does the Fire Service fill swimming pools, flood ice rinks or have a dunk tank?

Who is the Fire Chief/Fire Prevention Officer?

  • Fire Chief: Paul Boissonneault
  • Deputy Fire Chief: Geoff Hayman
  • Fire Prevention/Inspection Officer: Tom Waldschmidt
  • Fire Prevention/Inspection Officer: Jeff Balkwill
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