blue pipe in the ground with sign stating sewer maintenance

The County of Brant will be conducting routine maintenance work on Sanitary Sewer Systems in the following

ALEXANDER AVENUE                                                       May 16 – 18
BAIRD STREET                                                                   May 16 – 18
BANFIELD STREET                                                            May 16 – 18
JANE STREET                                                                     May 16 – 18
JOHN AVENUE                                                                   May 16 – 18
ST ANDREW STREET                                                        May 16 – 18
ST GEORGE STREET                                                         May 16 – 18
WARWICK STREET                                                            May 16 – 18

The work is scheduled to take place between the hours of: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This routine maintenance work involves high pressure cleaning of the sanitary sewers in the roadway
followed by a video inspection of the pipes. The cleaning activities can result in sufficient back
pressure that may cause splashing in some plumbing fixtures and may remove water from the “P” traps
in your plumbing fixtures.

We recommend that:
•   All toilet seats are left in a closed position during this time,
•   You refrain from using toilets when maintenance vehicles are present near your location, and
•   You run water in all plumbing fixtures (minimum of 5 seconds) when work has been completed to
ensure the “P” traps are full.

Once the maintenance vehicles have completed the work in your area, you may resume using your
facilities as usual.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wessuc Inc. at 1-519-752-0789. If Wessuc Inc. is not available, you may contact the County of Brant Public Works Department at 1-855-44BRANT (1-855-442-7268) or 519-44BRANT (519-442-7268).

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