Stormwater Ponds Sign

The County of Brant Fire Department would like to remind residents of the dangers that surround bodies of water during the winter months, including stormwater management ponds. 

Please watch the following safety video from Fire Prevention Office Tom: 


We would like to remind the public that stormwater ponds are not authorized skating locations.


Stormwater management ponds are designed to keep water flowing, and salt also infiltrates these ponds. Conditions around these ponds can change rapidly making them unsafe for the public to walk or skate on.  Please do not go on or near stormwater management ponds.


Ice often goes through many freeze and thaw cycles throughout the winter making the ice weak and unpredictable. Falling through the ice is an extremely dangerous situation and we want to prevent a tragedy.


If you do fall through the ice try not to panic.


- Call for help
- Reach forward onto the broken ice without pushing down
- Kick your legs and push your torso onto the ice flat
- Once you are on the ice crawl away on your stomach and roll away from the open area with your arms and legs spread out as far as possible
- Do not stand up
- Due to risk of hypothermia you will need to seek medical attention


When the weather cooperates a number of outdoor rinks are available in Brant – please visit the Winter Activities page at to learn more.


For more information on Stormwater Ponds please visit


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